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Beharra Silica Sand

Western Australia 

About Beharra

Perpetual’s flagship asset, the Beharra Project, is located 300km north of Perth and 96km south of the port town of Geraldton in Western Australia, covering an area of about 49 km². Access to the Project from Geraldton (to the north) and Perth (to the South) is via the sealed Brand Highway; thence, the Mt Adams unsealed road provides access to the tenure centre. 

Defined target::

Target defined over 13,000m strike, minimum 1,400m width and 6 to 33m depth extent, with auger drilling confirms high purity silica from the surface.

Exploration & Development:

  • Detailed metallurgical test work conducted by Perpetual confirmed a simple gravity and magnetic separation flow sheet to produce a concentrate that resulted in upgrading the SiO2 to 99.6% and reduced Fe2O3 content to 173ppm.

  • White sand-only development scenario could significantly enhance economics - additional test work underway.

  • Private Land Access Agreement signed with local landowner granting Perpetual access for exploration, appraisal and mining activities at Beharra West.

Key Milestones:

  • Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate delivered mid 2020 (see ASX 22nd August 2020)

  • Updated Mineral Resource Estimate at Beharra – 137.8Mt at 98.6% SiO2 (see ASX 15th December 2022)

  • Pre-Feasibility Study delivered in 1Q 2021 (see ASX 17th March 2021)

  • Maiden Mineral Reserve Estimate delivered 1Q 2021 (see ASX  17th March 2021)

  • Water Licence secured in collaboration with traditional landowners and the WA Government in November 2021 (see ASX 8th November 2021)

  • Scoping Study for Direct-Shipping-Ore commenced in September 2021

Mineral Resource Estimate as at December 2022:

Mineral Resource Estimate as at December 2022
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