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Perpetual Resources Limited

About Us

Perpetual Resources Limited (‘Perpetual’) (ASX: PEC) is an ASX listed company pursuing exploration and development of critical minerals essential to the fulfillment of global new energy requirements.

Perpetual is active in exploring for lithium and other critical minerals in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, where it has secured approximately 120km2 of highly prospective lithium exploration permits, within the pre-eminent lithium (spodumene) bearing region that has become known as Brazil’s “Lithium Valley”.

Perpetual also operates the Beharra Silica Sand development project, which is located 300km north of Perth and is 96km south of the port town of Geraldton in Western Australia. 

Perpetual continues to review complementary acquisition opportunities to augment its growing portfolio of exploration and development projects consistent with its critical minerals focus.


Board & Managment 

Management team with a proven track record of creating significant value for shareholders and stakeholders.

Project Locations

Perpetual has assembled an exploration and development portfolio targeting the fast-growing new energy commodities complex in Western Australia and in Brazil's lithium valley, Minas Gerais.


Carefully budgeting and strategically allocating resources to maximize every dollar spent. Prudent decision-making ensures that each investment contributes to our growth and success.


Team Driven by a positive commitment to ESG values.

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